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TALK: “Thank god dreaming is free!”

One of the things I love most in life is lying in bed  and dream, watching the clouds. The only problem I have with the clouds, is that I can not control my dreams. I might start thinking of a present for my son and end up finding a solution for the lay out of a new store.. just like fishing you never know what fish is on your way, but you have to throw the line!.

I am not a design teacher so I can only talk of my own experience, I don’t know how other people work, what is their process. I just want to share three cases of dream becoming real. Three different projects in size or nature. All with common horizontal origins.

Thanks god dreaming is free!


I was born in San Sebastian on 5th of August, 1967.

I am the middle one of two sisters.

I studied Mechanical Technical Engineering in the UPV (University of Basque County) and I did my graduation project at the Fachhochschule Ostfriesland (Emden,Germany).
I learned to dream from my father and some eccentricities from my mother.

After graduating I take one year off. I crossed the Atlantic sailing on a 35 feet sailboat and then I went to India for three month trip.

Finally I came back to San Sebastian on 1992 and I started making T-shirts with my tag, Loreak Mendian. At the same time together with two friends I started Sirope, musical collective, promoting parties all around San Sebastian area. I was also involved in creating Novophonic, a record label.

Due to family serious pressure, I started looking for a decent job. I worked in Vitoria at Gamesa, designing wings for the new Embraer plane.

After a year of work at Gamesa, I decided that I wanted to start my own thing, I left Vitoria and I opened a shop in San Sebastian, on May 1995 Loreak Mendian had started.

16 years of hard working allowed us to grow very much. Now we are three partners and 60 people working. We own 12 stores and sell all over Europe.

Now, I live work and surf in San Sebastian.

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