SPEAKERS: Maite Goñi

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Maite Goñi (@euskaljakintza) has a degree in Basque Philology from the University of Deusto and another in English Philology  from the UPV-EHU. She is currently a lecturer at Mondragon Unibertsitatea (working in the field of ICT in education) and a teacher at Jakintza Ikastola in Ordizia (teaching Basque Language and Literature).

Her work focuses mostly on applying new technologies to the teaching and learning process. She is also involved in the creation and spreading of Basque content (exercises, articles, interviews…) on the Net with her students.

In 2005 she created the euskaljakintza.com project which has won, inter alia,  the Espiral Edublogs Award (classroom best blog) , and the Diariovasco.com award (best personal/associative web).

She is also dedicated to ICT training for teachers, gives talks and collaborates in other digital media and in the Basque public radio, all of them on current issues related to the Internet.

Maite is passionate about education, new technologies and words. Seeking to combine them all, she has carried out several projects, two of which are Gaurko Hitza , the Word of the Day in Basque, a personal dictionary with its own blog, videos contributed by friends (each describing their favourite word), and presence on Twitter and Facebook,  and Hitzapasa a game based on the well-known “The Alphabet Game”.

You can find Maite on Twitter as @euskaljakintza , in the blogosphere on her personal blog maitego.com and if you search a bit more, on Facebook

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