Jorge García del Arco

Born in Bilbao,  I was raised in an entrepeneurship atmosphere.
After 3 years working in the family business, the following 15 I have participated actively in the growth and development of the telecommunications industry from different organizations and links in the value chain: ERICSSON, IBV Corp., NEFINSA Corp. and EUSKALTEL.

5 years ago I jumped out of the telecommunications industry to the “dark side”, a co-pilot for large public and private organizations: Xupera.  Fortunately achieving business growth that we use to fuel our ambitious vision: to be a reference value in the management of Customer & Citizen Experience projects.

I define myself as an eternal apprentice of everything, who wants to have a wider vision every day. I try to escape the often inflexible taxonomic urge to oversimplify a complex reality that seems to be looked mainly from a mono-dimensional perspective.

I am proud helping to bring TEDx to the Basque Country and create an open platform for reflection in order to improve our collective future.

Oscar Paz

I’ve always been looking for the most social and human side of today. I have carried out a lot of tasks in a multinational insurance company where I am working since 1996, including the launch of a team devoted to get a better working atmosphere using  creative and playful initiatives.


I am enthusiastic by technology as a way to reach simplicity. I often write in my own blog




Iván Miñambres

Born in Portugalete in 1984, he is very fond of cinema, technology and culture. He learned from his parents the values of endeavour, passion and dedication to the work.

He finished his studies in Audiovisual Production and began his career in the field of postproduction.

He has worked for major brands and films like “Querida Bamako”, “La Crisis Carnívora” or “Ander”, that have been awarded different international film-festivals.

In 2009 he founded the company UniKo, where he is Creative Director, to explore new possibilities of Internet video, film and other artistic fields.

He also directs the Express Film Festival of Portugalete, and has won several awards like “European Spots: Move to Europe” and “Ekin Bilbao Prize 2010.”

TEDx Bilbao is a new challenge to show that Bilbao is a referente city.

Naiara Pérez de Villarreal

I spent 4 years studying Journalism in the University of the Basque Country. After that I completed a Master in Digital Journalism as well as some courses on web development and design before I started my way as a digital communicator.

I am an absolute learner and I strongly believe in the philosophy of “learning by doing”. I enjoy participating and collaborating with other people in projects and initiatives as interesting as TedxBilbao.

Following “mens sana in corpore sano” I play as a pivot in a basket team of 1ª regional in the Ibaizabal Basketball Club.

I love photography. That’s why I am always prepared to capture every moment with my camera.

I like to share everything that I experiment, discover, learn and forget in my own blog ”Enredando en la web social – Netting/Involving in the social web“  :-)

M’Angel Manovell

An insatiable curiosity for learning has contributed to a broad knowledge in different related fields (photography, leisure management, urban regeneration and design). You can see some of my photography at

I’m based in Bilbao though always in touch with my colleagues and friend in Bristol, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam. I’m still immersing myself in many adventures through Europe and Asia.

Open minded and in constant search for a more equitable, easy going, sustainable and beautiful environment,  a couple of years ago, I founded dinamik ideas, a lab of creative ideas for social innovation working in design thinking, education and projects towards a less disabled urban environment.

You can also find me in LinkedIn, twitter, facebook- the live show- and the group related to “procomún”- Hondartzan.

“ideas worth spreading” is out my street and TEDxBilbao offers me the challenge to create, design and share experiences worth living.

Antxon Benito

As U2′s song says “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and I still don’t want to find it. That’s why I love to get involved in initatives such as TEDxBilbao… or Blogbook… or VACEM

After completing my studies of journalism I have been learning new areas of knowledge: advertising, international relations, management of Tics…

As well as that I have founded 3 companies, all of them still operating. I’m still involved in 2 of them: roccomm 4u and Sharing Brands.

Since 1-1-2009 I write everyday 1 twitidea, what helps to dedicate some minutes daily to think and express myself in just 140 characters.

I have worked as a lot of jobs: journalist, copywriter, creative, teacher, book salesman, clown,… even as dock worker.

As everyone can see I love to cross boundaries. Maybe that’s the reason why I am the only non-Bilbao-citizen of TEDxBilbao organization. More than that, I am from San Sebastian but… does it matter? Remember, ”ideas worth spreading”.

You can also find me in Ideame, LinkedIN, Facebook, twitter,…

Gontzal Sáenz

The most important factor in my life would be the communication factor,  mainly the positive communication, a matter which I have been working on for nearly 20 years.  I believe that the communication of knowledge (all kinds of knowledge, scientific, educative, economic or social) allow us to   posses more anlitical tools, but also to share experiences and like this to improve our surroundings.

My profesional life has two differential factors.  The first one has been related to  several written media in the Basque Country, always in the field of economy and business.  From  one year ago, I have moved to  the other line of journalism, and work on my own communication agency, “ieR- Informacion en Red”, offering positive contents and news from a series of customers who are linked to new technologies and innovative services.  The only matter that does not change is  the humble feeling of a job well carried out until the end.
Praud of being from Bilbao (born more or less during the Pleistocene), I like to put the name of my city in a pedestal.  In this case, I am lucky to be part of a motivated team of great professionals, with a huge capacity of work, curiosity and imagination who have started the TEDx Bilbao Project,which has been shown as an example of innovation within the global organization.

Carol Rubio Miner

A citizen of the world, I first left home for a long period of time at the age of 16. As a student I lived in the USA, France, The Netherlands and Spain. A world traveller, I like multinational environments, I get inspired at the SEA and enjoy live concerts and reading.

After my graduation in 94 I have been working for IT multinationals in the fields of enterprise e-business and e-learning in several locations: Morocco, Holland and Spain.

Since 2009, I work for the Basque Innovation Agency where I am a Program Director and responsible, among other things, for, the Innovators Community. An online platform for participation and collaboration that facilitates the connection between equals: Individuals, public and private entities and government. Our aim with this online community is to strength the networking to promote and implement online and offline actions that provide sustainable social and/or economical benefit to our region. A long term project and a huge challenge… participation, collaboration and it’s online!!!

I am currently working on a very exciting project to empower and improve the quality of life of chronic patients. It is a network of patients based on the emotional pulse that adapts its contents to its members’ moods.

I believe we currently live a perfect momentum to implement strong changes that can make the world a smarter place. I am looking forward to share new ideas, projects, initiatives, successes and failures… to contribute to a smarter World. TEDxBilbao is certainly an interesting and fun way for this.

Ana Santos

How to define myself? It comes to me the great Philippe Turchet’s saying: “Seduction is not making an impression communicating perfectly but to shake communicating in a human way.

And that has been my mission in more than 15 years as an offline and online event organiser and communicator.

Restless, political scientist and entrepreneur, heritages you don’t choose but that have allowed me to develop my major power: constant learning in all possible scenarios in which to enhance all my personal and professional background.

I have lived both successes and failures with moderation and I have learned to soften emotions over time taking vision and perspective. As we can find life in the cold and apparently inhospitable Arctic, I started a new project, Eventosfera, two years ago. A project that has enabled me to enjoy one more time my work on a new global and social communication scenario, where I can create new environments, engage with different actors and get a new perspective about major events. Some examples include coordinating the Department of Social Media at Campus Party in Valencia, Millennium Campus and of course, TEDxBilbao.

Currently, my concern leads me to new projects, new paths to explore and create projects such as Salusfera and Gastrosfera managing new talent with different professionals.

I want to add the pride of being part of the organizing team of TEDxBilbao trying to bring value with my work and effort. A team that outlines the values of the event, launching its image, content and professionalism to new heights basd on an excellent job and an amazing illusion.

All that said, know that, furthermore, I’m from Bilbao!