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Fundación Vicente Ferrer/Rural Development Trust

Mr. Moncho Ferrer was born on 6th December 1971 at Anantapur, in the indian state of Andhra Pradesh in 1971. He came to life in Villa Emma, the same place, were Rural Development Trust (RDT), the organization their parents created, was founded with the objective of searching for solutions to the multiples shortages of the rural community in Anantapur.

He had his primary & upper primary education at Anantapur and both secondary & pre university education at Kodaikanal. He moved to Keele, in UK, in 1989, and after one year course preparing to enter University, he graduated in International Relationships at Keele University in 1995.

Back in Anantapur in 1997 he started his professional career in RDT as Director looking after a major sector namely habitat.  He was named Director of the Comprehensive Development Program and then he dedicated himself to visit each corner of the district to know first-hand the needs of the population.

Since 2010 he became the Program Director of RDT focusing attention on ecological development, rural housing, higher & professional education of children of deprived sections, promotion of rural sports & games and cultural talents among children.

Each step in the evolution of the design discipline has had its own number of misunderstandings and unavoidable collateral damages. Now, in the era of Design Thinking, on the shift to Design Doing, is there some missing link we should worry about? Have we been overlooking some crucial aspect? Are we missing the point about the genuine sense of Design?
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