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TALK: “Think Inside the Box: Unlocking the possibilities of your gadgets”

It’s 2011, and gadgets are all around us: at work, at home, in our pockets, doing what they are supposed to do to make our lives easier.
But what if we could make them do more? Learn how you too can break outside the bounds of your devices and delve into a world of experimentation and possibilities.

A Spanish hardware and software hacker, Hector loves tinkering with gadgets. After all, where’s the fun in using devices the way they were intended to be used?

In 2006 he worked on reverse-engineering the Wii Remote to use it with PCs, which spawned projects such as Johnny Lee’s 3D head tracking demonstration, presented at TED 2008. Later he worked on hacks to use homebrew software on Wii consoles, which are now installed on over two million Wiis. In 2011 became the winner of the Adafruit bounty for creating and releasing the first open source driver for the Microsoft Kinect sensor. This resulted in great interest across the world as hobbyists, students, researchers, and artists started using the device in ways previously unimaginable, from robots to 3D mapping to musical instruments.

Hector is a Linux user and an avid supporter of Free Software. He has contributed to many open source projects and started some of his own. He is currently working on an open source and open hardware laser graphics system.

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