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Hector Martin


TALK: “Think Inside the Box: Unlocking the possibilities of your gadgets” It’s 2011, and gadgets are all around us: at work, at home, in our pockets, doing what they are supposed to do to make our lives easier. But what if we could make them do more? Learn how you too can break outside the [...]

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Gorka Espiau


TALK: “Hiriko Driving Mobility, the future generation of Basque Social Innovation”. Originally conceptualized by the Media Lab at the Massachussets Institute of Technology, Hiriko Driving Mobility is Today a Basque enterprise aiming to reinvent the concept of mobility in urban context. Hiriko has been uniquely designed by Basque and US companies from new perspectives of [...]

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Diego Soroa


TALK: Mapping a Creative Organization, Rewiring your companie’s connectome. Our brain is wired for creativity, but do you know what happens in your brain when you have an idea?  Neurosciences are now trying to answer those questions by mapping our neural connections. It is called the connectome and its paths dictates your behaviour. Can you [...]

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Brigitte Sauvage


TALK: “Design dreaming, the genuine sense of design” Each step in the evolution of the design discipline has had its own number of misunderstandings and unavoidable collateral damages. Now, in the era of Design Thinking, on the shift to Design Doing, is there some missing link we should worry about? Have we been overlooking some [...]

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