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Oskar Bell


TALK: Designing beyond an architectural restoration. Santa Maria Cathedral of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Cultural Heritage Conservation has become in a complex task due to not only the accurate work of restoration and researching itself, but also, due to requirement of sharing the whole process. An historic building in a very bad degree of conservation should be an [...]

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Xabier Zirikiain


TALK: “Thank god dreaming is free!” One of the things I love most in life is lying in bed  and dream, watching the clouds. The only problem I have with the clouds, is that I can not control my dreams. I might start thinking of a present for my son and end up finding a [...]

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Moncho Ferrer


Fundación Vicente Ferrer/Rural Development Trust

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Salvador Lopez


TALK: “Emotional Design” Human being is a combination of reason and emotions. Design can be considered from a dynamic point of view, when it takes to design a human experience and we realize that emotions are going to be there, moving dynamically somehow. There are some key points to have in mind when designing the [...]

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